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Can an Indoor Cat Be a Part-Time Outdoor Cat?


An indoor cat generally has a simpler life than its free-range feline counterpart.

It’s no secret that the mean streets—or even fields—hold many dangers for an outdoor cat on its own. An indoor cat doesn’t face the increasing number of cars, toxins, parasites and instances of animal cruelty that a roaming outdoor cat does. That’s why feline experts usually urge owners to keep their cats indoors. But that’s not always easy.

“There are some cats that have lived outside. When they’re forced to stay indoors, they may start to eliminate outside the box due to anxiety, become irritable or overgroom themselves,” says Dr. Laura Emge Mosoriak, DVM, owner of Kingstowne Cat Clinic, Alexandria, Virginia. “I don’t advocate cats going outside, but sometimes you have to make a choice—allow [him] outside supervised for a while to get the mental stimulation they crave, knowing and owning the dangers—or keep them inside and try your best to keep them stimulated enough to be content indoors.”

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